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Creative leader. 
Brand nerd. 

I build strong, authentic brands that connect with people. I am driven by creating, guiding, strategizing, collaborating and putting my heart into a brand's next big move. Is it a rebrand, a shift in strategy? Is it a new product or simply maintaining a strong presence? Count me in!

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Featured work

Find out how updating a brand architecture resulted in a reenergized employee culture for an engineering firm with over 1500 employees and billions in client work across the world. 

Bringing human spirit to engineering

Brand strategy + visual identity

A fresh, fun spin on tech

So many small businesses need a website and all the technology behind it to be successful. This project was all about simplifying brand strategy and product offerings while refreshing the visual identity to give small business owners a sense of confidence. 

Brand strategy + visual identity

Brand evolution + visual identity

Taking a different path  to wellness

Big Fish Co. is a different kind of wellness brand. A company created with the sole purpose of serving others has to look different. Not only are their customers and affiliates strengthening their bodies, but that strength and wellbeing is also taken into the communities that surround them honoring their mission of service to others. 

Artboard 3.png

I bring a strict focus of uniqueness and meaning to all logo projects. All my logos are custom, hand drawn and I select and manipulate type to give a one of a kind look that reinforces the meaning and purpose of the brand. 

Logo design + custom illustration

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